Since the beginning of the study of medicine, physicians have used their observations and experiences to derive diagnoses and to prescribe medication for their patients. However, with advancements in the field of personalized medicine, healthcare officials will be able to treat each and every patient individually based on his or her genetic makeup.  Through a few minor tests,   the molecular makeup of a patient is revealed and constructed into a genetic profile; one which the physician can study and create a plan of treatment from. Looking at the patient on this level helps to minimize the occurrences of ineffective or possibly dangerous procedures and drug reactions. The purpose of this website is to enhance your understanding of this ever advancing field and to explore the methods in which it is being employed in today's medical community.(2)


Minimizes adverse drug side effects

Allows physicians to begin treatment to contract certain diseases even before the patients exhibit any symptoms
Reduces the need for random and sometimes inefficient exploratory testing and surgery
Eliminates the notion of 'one size fits all' in the healthcare system
Creates better treatment plans for patients with diseases such as
-Heart Disease
and more...


Such diseases are caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Medicine and scientific research has made great advancements in understanding the effects that outside factors (food, exposure to toxins, pollution) have on the fate of an individual. Now, personalized medicine aims to individualize such predications of the future by incorporating the genetic aspect of disease into the patients' treatment plan.(5)


To learn more about personalized medicine and the various companies working towards its advancement, please refer to the following websites: '23 and me' and Navigenics offer tests that allow you to discover your DNA profile in order to plan for the future or to fill in missing branches of you family tree.  




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